Well That Sucks!

Sucker truck, Sewer Sucker, Hydro-Vac or Vac-Truck, Honey Truck, Honey Wagon, or the more mundane, Fecal Sludge Truck. Call it what you like, it is a vacuum truck and it does suck … and that’s a good thing. Taking on the least glamorous tasks in the construction and City maintenance world, it is an essential piece of equipment to clean up wet messes and make a site cleaner and safer to work on.
Considered an essential service, they vary in capacity from as small as 500 litres to well over 3,000 litres. They are used around the world and have a strong presence in India, where building complexes can house upwards of 15,000-20,000 people. Without a robust sewage management system, these trucks become key to maintaining a healthy, livable environment. Vacuum Trucks
What are they used for? Vacuum trucks perform vital services in the cleanup of: Human waste removal• Septic tanks• Communal latrines• Portable toilets• Airplanes• Cesspool spills
Toxic spills• Chemical or biological spills• Grey water from construction sites
Industrial liquid removal • Cleaning petroleum tanks• Remove drilling mud• Drilling cuttings• Cement• Brine water from production tanks
Public utility repair• When accessing cables or utility boxes underground, water is sometimes poured to loosen the dirt, the vacuum truck then comes in and removes the muddy water, safely exposing the utility where a backhoe or digger may have caused damage. Vacuum Truck for Sale
How do they work? The use a low-volume sliding vane or liquid ring pump to create negative air pressure. This pressure will draw the liquid up into the hose and in turn, into the holding tank. Hoses are typically 2 to 4 inches in diameter. Rarely is a hose longer than 50 meters. It would take a powerful pump to draw liquid into the tank over that length.
The pump is controlled from either the cab of the truck or a manual mechanism on the side of the tank, allowing the technician to see what he is controlling and to be able to throttle as needed.
So, the next time you see big vacuum truck rumbling past you on the street, know that it is serving a great service to your community. Truck Sales

Vacuum Trucks

One of the ideal approaches to keep costly gear profitable is to differentiate and find different occupations for the vehicle to deal with. Vacuum trucks that give off an impression of being an exceptionally concentrated machine can fill many purposes. Despite the fact that it might require keeping down specific units for specific occupations, if a business has a tendency to experience moderate periods then finding another specialty to take up the slack amid moderate circumstances is the most ideal approach to keep a vacuum truck business blasting - and truly have the effect of a year-round gainful business and one attempting to hang in during the bustling season.  Vacuum Trucks
Fundamental Information 
There are very some standard occupations that are performed with vacuum trucks that could incorporate septic administration work, concoction and fuel transportation, and water conveyance to give some examples. Contingent upon the way a unit is prepared the extent that tank estimate, pump size, and quality, other helpful employments may well be accessible. Vacuum Truck Sales
Septic and Related Jobs - A standard vacuum truck is the best thing to use in a septic administration business to pump out and clean septic frameworks, despite the fact that there is significantly more to this administration than essentially private work. Littler units with fairly littler tanks are an awesome choice for overhauling convenient toilets at occasions, something that is similarly as important as any private administration. Vacuum trucks are additionally utilized: at wastewater plants; to transport wastewater and septic from water driven cracking and mining destinations; and to unclog city and town sewers. Blend vacuum trucks are most valuable with civil sewer frameworks, albeit any vacuum truck that is sufficiently solid could fill in too. Vac Truck Sales
Oilfield and Chemical Work - Oil penetrating is an extreme, messy, relentless occupation; one of the more basic parts of the work is to keep the boring site clean of thick, oil-drenched mud that leaves the boring admirably as the bore does its work. It has been found that an ideal approach to managing such a wreck is a super-obligation vacuum truck that can get past the sludge, vacuum away the mud, and take it to be arranged - again and again. These tanker-style vehicles are additionally utilized for pulling a wide range of sorts of fills, chemicals, solvents, and different fluids that can be unsafe either to people and to the earth if not legitimately took care of. Vacuum Trucks For Sale

Vacuum Truck

Amongst all of the cleaning devices which are currently on the market, the vacuum truck has emerged as a most useful and functional piece of equipment that not only does its job in a perfect way and also keeps the safety at the forefront during the job. Be it dry or wet, or used for transportation or for a cleaning job, these trucks offer versatility that can easily simplify any situation without harming the environment, the public or the crew operating it. Vacuum Trucks

Amongst all the cleaning devices that are currently on the market, the vacuum truck has emerged as a most useful and versatile piece of equipment that not only does its job in a perfect way but also keeps the safety at the forefront during the job. Whether it is wet or dry, or employed for transportation or for a cleaning job, these trucks provide great versatility that can easily simplify any situation without harming the environment, the public or the crew operating it. 

The factors that boost the effectiveness of the vacuum trucks to perform their task in a perfect way are easy operation, safety features, operating power and durability. All of them are important issues that should be kept in mind while executing the following jobs:

1. Street sweeping - Previously, street sweeping was done manually in the urban areas and this was common since centuries ago. Usually, a hand shovel and broom were used for removing trash and debris that accumulated in the gutters and on the streets. This was very time consuming and tiresome as sweepers spent most of their time on streets in different weather conditions. Nowadays, vacuum trucks have appeared as modern street sweepers and come equipped with mechanical brooms and hydro-jets for collecting waste in the vehicle tank. Using the mechanized operation of these vacuum trucks, the entire sweeping work is completed.

2. Septic pumping- To maintain its performance to an optimum level, it is necessary to look after the septic system. Problems arise because of water back up or clogging up of drain lines. Vacuum trucks managed by septic removal professionals may arrange for the septic tank to be pumped for taking away any excess sludge, in so doing, prolonging the service life of a septic tank. Septic Truck for Sale

3. Sewer cleaning - Vacuum trucks have properly replaced the manual sewer cleaning process mainly because it took a lot of time and was risy for the workers who performed this dirty job. The vacuum device and the pressure washers in vacuum trucks can be used for clearing the sewer lines. Individuals and municipalities can clear debris from their sewer lines in an efficient and reliable way. Vacuum Truck for Sale

4. Hydro excavation - Workers face a tough time in breaking the surrounding soil during cave-ins. However, time is critical in such situations and hydro excavation is a safe method for removing the soil from the trench during the rescue operation by using high level vacuum and pressurized water. As a result, vacuum trucks make it possible for rapid rescue operation with no wastage of time and have emerged as a preferred option in comparison to usual digging equipment. Vacuum Truck Sales


Why Use Vacuum Trucks

Ever thought of how sewers are cleaned up and what it takes to empty septic tanks? You probably think they are dirty jobs. The good news is that with the help of a vacuum truck, it is easy to clean up a sewer and empty a septic tank. A vacuum truck is a vehicle specifically designed to pump liquid waste materials. It is designed to meet the needs of cities, municipalities, individuals and chemical industries. So, what is the use of a vacuum truck?

To start with, it is used to suction materials. A vacuum truck is engineered to vacuum waste industrial waste. The waste may be dry, wet, hazardous or nonhazardous. The vacuuming can be of high-velocity or of low-velocity air suction. Industrial usage entails removing of brine water and cleaning of oil spills. On the other hand, municipality usage includes cleaning up of sewers, drainage system which are clogged, catch basins and septic tanks

A vacuum truck also assists in transportation of materials. It is advisable to use vacuum trucks to transport harmful and non-harmful wastes. This is because it prevents spills and has the capability to control odor when bio solids are being transported. Therefore, maintaining a healthier environment.

Finally, it is used to dispose the materials. Hazardous waste is a potential threat to individuals as far as their health is concerned. In order to dispose the harmful waste, vacuum trucks come in handy. They are essential in handling and disposing the waste to safely minimizing the impact to the environment. Vacuum Trucks for Sale

You may consider owning a vacuum truck for commercial use and earn some extra income. As explained above, vacuum trucks are of importance as they aid in performing jobs that may seem dirty. It can be an added advantage to invest in a vacuum truck. Remember, to maximize an opportunity, invest in an area where few are interested. Vacuum Truck Sales