Tips For Truck Drivers Transporting High Risk Cargo

With every high risk, comes a great reward. With truck driving already being a very high risk for all drivers, many truck driving companies will not put forth the added liability of transporting high-risk cargo with their trucks and drivers. Dump Trucks

Some of the most senior-risk cargo transported in the United States includes pharmaceuticals, ATM's, electronics, jewelry, and more. What makes them the high risk is the potential for damage to the cargo and danger of being stolen. The FBI estimates that $15-30 billion dollars a year are lost from truck cargo theft. This number also might be slightly low because many trucking companies will not report thefts to their insurance companies out of fear of increasing the risk of their premiums.

Protect your high-risk cargo by understanding the cargo, properly transporting it and keeping a wise surveillance on it.

Before you sign contracts to accept a job from a client, know the cargo that you are about to load, and understand the language in the contracts that binds you to responsibilities. The insurance premiums for truck drivers will rise the more expensive or valuable the cargo is. Language in contracts can often be confusing or ambiguous which might confuse what the responsibilities of the drivers are. By understanding your responsibilities as the driver, you will be able to make the preparations needed to protect yourself and the cargo. Bucket Trucks

Before you leave with the cargo, make sure that you have the right authority, permits, and insurance to make the trip. Not having the proper prerequisites to drive on the road can create financial repercussions of lost time and money for both parties. If you're unsure of what extra precautions should be taken in regards to your coverage, ask your insurance agent and they should be able to answer all of your questions.

Another caution drivers can take to make sure their cargo is securely strapped in. This is often taken for granted when the work hands load the cargo but fail to secure the contents. It cannot hurt to take 10-15 minutes and double check straps, locks, temperatures, quantities, and other variable instances depending on the load. This can assure you that the contents were stored properly from the beginning.

With so many trucking being broken into, heisted and stolen, it's good to keep an eye on your truck at all times. Drivers can do this my checking the locks on the trucks before and after they go in for fuel, food or rest. They can also make sure to minimize the time spent away from the truck (especially in an obviously renowned criminal area). A generalized view of reports will show that most trucks are broken into or stolen at rest stops and truck stops with a higher risk on the weekends. Be aware of your surroundings and aware of the locations you stay at. Vacuum Trucks

Don't let high-risk cargo scare you from taking the chance. Consider the risks and costs of the delivery versus the benefits and gains. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that taking a chance like this can be very prosperous for those who can make it happen. Truck Sales