High Power Vacuum Trucks for Cleaning and Reclaiming Industrial Applications

Industrial vacuum trucks, popularly known by the term vac trucks, have found its way in to a number of industrial cleaning and waste removal applications including cleaning of oil tanks and elevator pits, ballast cleaning and removal of wet and dry materials collected in inaccessible areas. It is also used for reclaiming solid industrial waste that can be later used for recycling purposes. The type of material that can be removed by these vacuum trucks varies from fine powders and silt to thick sludge and slurries. It has the required capability to take out both liquid and solid waste.

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These vac trucks are used extensively in a number of industrial applications including oil and gas drilling operations. In oil and gas drilling operations, these vacuum trucks have the capability to perform mud removal operations efficiently. Other areas in the oil and gas drilling applications include clean up and recovery of raw materials, oil sludge and liquid waste removal and tank cleaning operations.

Another specific type of truck called the High-Rail industrial vacuum trucks is used for used for removing and replacing the ballasts used in rail lines. It can also remove contaminated solid waste and liquid slurry that are dumped in and around the rail lines. The traditional vacuum truck can actually be converted in to a rail truck by doing some configuration changes in the truck. Once the rail removal and cleaning operations are over, the configuration can be reverted back

Hydrocarbon vacuuming trucks is a specialized truck that is exclusively used for reclaiming hydrocarbons. The truck utilizes high vacuum power and a multiple stage filtration process for reclaiming hydro carbons. This type of truck is suitable for industrial applications such as oil refining, chemical manufacturing units, foundries, cement manufacturing units, phosphate plants, lime plants, coal plants and hydro-excavation applications.

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